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Summer courses stone and wood sculpting


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Atelier Le Niocraux in the French Jura offers beside the painting courses (see http://www.frenchpaintingholiday.com/ in 2012 also the ability to sculpt.

Artist Willem van der Wal will give in July and August 2012 at Atelier Le Niocraux sculpture courses. Teaching is offered for all levels of knowledge and skill: from the beginner to the advanced sculptor. Language Dutch and English. We work in small groups, so we can give every student personal attention.

Course dates:

• Sunday, July 16 until Saturday, July 21, 2012
• Sunday, July 22 until Saturday, July 28, 2012
• Sunday, July 29 until Saturday, August 4, 2012
• Sunday, August 5 until Saturday, August 11, 2012

Course times:

From 9am to 1pm and from 5pm to 7pm. On fridayevening is a joint exhibition of participants of the sculpture course and the participants of the course of painter Kees de Voogd.
In the afternoon there is time to walk, swim, or to visit pretty towns in the Jura. It is also worth to look for the real Jurasteen in one of the excavations in the area. But of course you can also work on your sculpture.


You're going to work with a own design and you choose yourself the kind of stone or wood you want to work with. Softer stones are alabaster, limestone, serpentine, harder types are marble, Belgian bluestone or Jurasteen. Almost all sorts of wood are possible to proces to an image. You can choose a stone or piece of wood (there is a limited stock, paid) or you can bring your own piece.
If you have own tools, take them along. For beginners tools are available.

Course fee: € 260, - per week. Two weeks € 480, -.

Willem van der Wal:

Willem (1956) studied environmental design at the art academy in Kampen from 1980 to 1985. Since then he works as a free artist. Besides an artist he is also an inspiring teacher. From 2003 to 2011 he gave courses stone sculpting and courses portrait modelling in various centers of art and in his own studio. His way of looking and working inspires people to have a new look at what they are doing so they can create their own images with a new vision.                                

werk Willem                             vogelpaard 


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Stone and wood sculpting


From July 2011 Willem and his wife travel indefinitely through France. They fit on houses and animals, lend a hand where necessary, but above all they create sculptures. Curious? Visit: www.watdoenzenouweer.nl.


For more information please mail to: info@willemvdwal.nl, or call (31) 636042030

or Skype to: Willem-van-der-wal

During the course you can stay at Atelier Le Niocraux. The small paradise of Kees and Ria de Voogd. They have a bed and breakfast, a holidayhouse and they have a mini-camping. At 5 days a week there is a delicious dinner cooked by Ria.

10, rue de la Tuffière, Marangea
39270 Sarrogna
Tel: 00-33384355370 e-mail: niocraux@yahoo.fr